FLO Forum Approves Performance Specifications

QUALCOMM's MediaFLO and FLO technology for mobile multimedia reached an important milestone last week when the FLO Forum, an association of industry leaders devoted to standardizing FLO technology, said it had approved version 1.0 of the FLO Device Minimum Performance Specification; the FLO Transmitter Minimum Performance Specification; and the FLO Test Application Protocol Specification. The FLO Air Interface Specification was submitted to the TIA TR47.1 subcommittee in January.

David Glidden, director of TV strategy and mobile TV at the Broadcast Communications Division of Harris Corp. said, "The industry representatives on the test and certification committee have worked together to create a minimum performance specification for companies seeking to manufacture transmitters that can be used in a FLO mobile multimedia network. This specification will help assure equipment interoperability and simplify the task of implementing a FLO network."

The FLO Forum released the performance specifications and also reported that nine new members joined its ranks: Bando Electronics and Communications Co., Coding Technologies AB, Digital Fountain, Frontier Silicon, KDDI Corporation, Mobix Interactive, net&tv Inc., SOLiD Technologies Inc. and Thomson.

For more information on FLO, visit www.FLOForum.org and the RF Technology column Broadcasting to Cell Phones.