Five million customers buying what MobiTV is selling

The presidential elections saw a spike in second-screen viewing at home

MobiTV hit the 5 million subscriber mark for its premium mobile TV and video content through U.S. operators including Sprint, AT&T and Alltel. The company has signed up a million subscribers in that last five months alone — demonstrating a healthy consumer interest in participation in the mobile TV industry, said the company.

In addition, MobiTV has reported a spike in the service's use as a second screen in the home with subscribers tuning in, at high rates, to network and cable broadcasts of the presidential debates and Election Day news.

“There was a 111 percent increase over average daily viewing during the third presidential debate and a 373 percent increase for Election Day," said Paul Scanlan, MobiTV president and co-founder. "Those numbers not only indicate exciting times for U.S. politics, but for mobile television as well.”

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