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First Cydle Tablet Set to Ship in December

TV Technology sister publication This Week in Consumer Electronics (TWICE) reported that Cydle, a South Korean-based OEM supplier, is planning a December availability for the seven-inch Android based tablet I saw at the CES Show back in January. That tablet included an ATSC Mobile DTV tuner.

While the article Cydle Readies Android Tablet doesn't mention ATSC-MH in the text, a caption below a picture of the device states that "Cydle's $249 suggested M7 Mobile Tablet features Android 2.1, a seven-inch TFT touchscreen and ATSC-Mobile/Handheld (ATSC-M/H) tuner."

The 7" Multipad M7 page on Cydle's Website doesn't mention ATSC mobile DTV anywhere in the description or technical specifications.

With a $249 sticker, Cydle's M7 will be competing against a flood of Chinese "aPads" at the same price point, with the same or better features, such as the Witstech A81E which offers a GPS option and a removable battery. Including ATSC MH capability in the M7 would give Cydle a feature not currently available in any other tablet.