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FCC upgrades forms to reflect new ownership rules

The FCC has approved and lifted a filing freeze on forms 301, 314 and 315 for applications and amendments that reflect the new media ownership rules approved June 2.

The new forms include:

  • FCC 301, Application for Construction Permit for Commercial Broadcast Station (July 2003 Edition)
  • FCC 314, Application for Consent to Assignment of Broadcast Station Construction Permit or License (July 2003 Edition)
  • FCC 315, Application for Consent to Transfer Control of Entity Holding Broadcast Station Construction Permit or License (July 2003 Edition)

The revised forms are effective immediately and are now available and may be accessed through the FCC Media Bureau’s Consolidated Database System (CDBS). This system enables the public to complete and file these forms via the Internet from the Media Bureau’s Web Site, Electronic filing is mandatory for these three forms.

All previous editions of FCC Forms 301, 314, and 315 are obsolete and may not be used.

Officially, the FCC, at its discretion, can begin processing applications even though there is a good chance Congress will void the new ownership rules. Observers noted that Congress would have at least 60 days to intervene before the first deals can be approved because the FCC takes at least that long to process a typical application.

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