FCC sets deadline for certain LPTV, TV translator licensees

A group of low-power television and TV translator stations seeking digital companion channels must resolve mutually exclusive proposals for spectrum use by Dec. 15.

The FCC’s Media Bureau and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau have given the broadcasters until then to enter into settlement agreements or use engineering means to resolve the issue. Resolution is important because proposals for mutually exclusive use of spectrum are subject to the commission’s competitive bidding procedure.

In announcing the deadline, the bureaus outlined the procedures that must be followed in notifying the commission of resolution agreements and engineering solutions. According to a notice from the bureaus, “parties must submit the agreements and affidavits required by Section 73.3525 and/or any engineering submission by the deadline.”

According to the bureaus, LPTV and TV translator licensees proposing to use digital companion channels that are mutually exclusive “may discuss possible settlement agreement or technical solutions with other parties” until Dec. 15 without violating anti-collusion restrictions. Once the settlement period ends, however, those restrictions will again take effect.

For more information, visit: www.fcc.gov.