FCC Satellite Applications

PanAmSat filed applications related to its C/Ku-band hybrid satellite at 125 degrees West Longitude (WL) to move it to 125.05 degrees WL and change it to C-band only operation.

EchoStar requested modification of its authorization for EchoStar 4 at 157 WL to operate it on Channels 7 and 11 instead of Channels 3 and 5, stating that the transponders associated with Channels 3 and 5 are not sustainable but that EchoStar 4 is capable of providing service on other channels. EchoStar also requested a waiver of the requirement that EchoStar 4 provide service to Alaska and Hawaii.

DirecTV requested special temporary authority (STA) to drift the DIRECTV 5 satellite from 119 WL to the Canadian 72.5 degree WL orbital location upon the successful launch and positioning of its DIRECTV 7S satellite at 119 degrees WL. In the STA request DirecTV also asked for authority to perform telemetry, tracking and control over DIRECTV 5 once the satellite is relocated to 72.5 degrees WL.

Refer to FCC Report SAT-00187 - Satellite Space Applications Accepted for Filing for information on other applications and more detail on these applications.