FCC Not Delaying TV License Renewal Schedule

(Image credit: FCC)

WASHINGTON—Coronavirus or no coronavirus, the FCC is keeping the schedule for 2020-2023 TV license renewals on track, announcing the official procedures for license renewal, including the first group’s deadline.

Licensed stations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia make up the first group of license renewals and have a deadline for filing the applications no later than June 1. Applications for this group are now available. TV stations in upcoming renewal groups will have access to the applications six months before the expiration of their current license. The official schedule is online (opens in new tab).

Commercial and noncommercial educational full-power TV, TV translator, low-power TV and Class A TV station must electronically file four months prior to their current license expiration date. TV translator and LPTV stations operating digital companion channel facilities do not have to file separate applications for their digital facilities.

Licensees with pending applications from the prior cycle are still subject to these filing requirements, including filing a new license renewal application with updated information and certifications.

Local public notice obligations remain in force, however, the FCC has waived pre-filing announcement requirements for stations with the June 1 deadline.

Additional information on requirements and filing proceedings are available in the official FCC Media Bureau public notice (opens in new tab)