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FCC Issues More DTV Transition Rules

The FCC issued further DTV transition rules at its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday.

According to the press release describing the order, it will restrict further time extensions for facilities construction. At the same time, stations moving to a new DTV channel based on the final table of allotments will get faster approval on construction permits. They will also receive consideration on reducing analog service if their final DTV allotment is the same as their current analog channel. Those stations moving to a new post-transition DTV channel will be allowed to focus resources on that final channel.

The order will also require all stations to file a transition status report by Dec. 1, 2007, and it establishes the analog sunset date of Feb. 17, 2009 as the construction deadline for all DTV facilities.

The commission concurrently issued rules regarding the spectrum auctions for the bandwidth being vacated by broadcasters. This 700 MHz band will become available to wireless carriers and public safety entities after the 2009 DTV transition deadline.