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FCC International Bureau Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Last week, Donald Abelson, Chief of the FCC International Bureau, reflected on the changes he and his bureau have witnessed during the 10 years of its existence (October marked the 10th anniversary of the International Bureau).

"The Commission can be proud of the International Bureau's accomplishments over its ten-year history," Mr. Abelson said. "I am particularly proud of the Bureau's fulfillment of its mission to connect the globe for the good of U.S. consumers.

A Commssion news release listed some of the Bureau's accomplishments over the past ten years:

·The international satellite system is in private hands and the number of providers (both domestic and foreign) offering service to the U.S. has grown.
·The number of satellite television subscribers has grown from 2.8 million to 23.1 million.
·Satellite radio services were launched and now have 2.58 million subscribers.
·The average cost to U.S. consumers of an international call has dropped from $0.91 to $0.20.