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FCC finds Sonshine, Sinclair apparently liable for forfeiture

The FCC made public Oct. 18 a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture, finding Sonshine Family Television and Sinclair Broadcast Group violated rules prohibiting the airing of programs without providing required sponsorship information to viewers.

The notice, adopted Aug. 27, found Sonshine-owned WBPH-TV in Bethlehem, PA, apparently liable for $40,000 for airing five episodes of “The Right Side with Armstrong Williams” on a total of 10 occasions from Jan. 4, 2004, through July 5, 2004, without the necessary sponsorship message.

Separately, the notice found Sinclair apparently liable for $36,000 for airing an episode of “America’s Black Forum” entitled “2004 Election Countdown” on Sept. 11 or 12, 2004, on nine of its stations without providing required sponsorship announcements that identified the party supplying the program.

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