FCC Experimental Actions

The monthly listing FCC experimental license grants provide a view into new RF technology and alerts spectrum users of possible interference from the experimental operations. The Experimental Actions Report No. 360 covering applications granted between July 1, 2003 and Aug. 1, 2003 included the following grants I thought may be of interest to readers:

Ambient Corp. was granted license WD2XEQ to test power line carrier systems between 1.7 to 88 MHz in the states of New York and Massachusetts. Lakeland Communications was granted WDXEH to use 88.1 to 107.9 MHz for testing antennas in Lenoir City, Tenn. Decibel Products was granted a license to operate in a wide range of bands, including amateur radio and broadcast TV spectrum, for antenna testing at test ranges in Dallas, Texas. Laurence John Howell is authorized to conduct propagation testing using 135.8975 KHz, 135.9225 KHz and 137.7725 KHz in Anchorage, Alaska.