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FCC Digital LPTV Report and Order Erratum

The FCC issued an Erratum to Digital LPTV Report and Order (FCC 04-220) released September 30. Requirements to protect against 2nd and 3rd harmonic emissions interference to GPS and other radio navigation satellite services only apply to digital LPTV and TV translator stations that operate on TV channels where harmonics would fall into the frequency bands used by these services.

Paragraph 24 of Appendix B, Section 74.794(b) was corrected to read: "(b) In addition to meeting the emission attenuation requirements of the simple or stringent mask (including attenuation of radio frequency harmonics), digital low power TV and TV translator stations authorized to operate on TV channels 22-24, (518-536 MHz), 32-36 (578-608 MHz), 38 (614-620 MHz), and 65-69 (776-806 MHz) must provide specific out of band protection to Radio Navigation Satellite Services in the bands: L5 (1164-1215 MHz); L2 (1215-1240 MHz) and L1 (1559-1610 MHz)."

The rule section dealing with frequency stability, Section 74.795(b)(4) was changed to read: "(4) When subjected to variations in ambient temperature between 0 and 40 degrees Centigrade and variations in power main voltage between 85% and 115% of the rated power supply voltage, the frequency stability of the local oscillator in the RF channel upconverter shall be maintained within 10 kHz of the nominal value."

For more information, refer to the Erratum.