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FCC Corrects WRC-03, 3650-3700 MHz Wireless Report and Orders

The FCC issued an Erratum correcting Report and Order FCC-05-70, which amended Parts 2, 25 and 73 of the FCC rules to implement decisions from the World Radiocommunications Conference in Geneva in 2003 (WRC-03). The most noticeable correction removed the 450.00 MHz to 450.25 MHz band from language regarding amateur radio stations. In the section changing high frequency broadcasting rules, the word "analogue" was corrected to read "analog" and "centre" was corrected to read "center." Another error in amateur radio allocations replaced a reference to 3.3458-3525 GHz with 3.3458-3.3525 GHz.

The other Erratum corrects the FCC Report and Order and Memorandum Opinion and Order, FCC 05-56, regarding wireless broadband services in the 3650-3700 MHz band. The erratum deletes references to Part 26 and the General Wireless Communications Services in Sections 1.1307, 2.1091 and 2.1093 of the rules. Section 90.1311 was corrected to read, "The license term is ten years, beginning on the date of the initial authorization (non-exclusive nationwide license) grant. Registering fixed and base stations will not change the overall renewal period of the license. " A note was added indicating that in the list of grandfathered FSS Earth stations, the "NAD" column refers to the North American Datum in which the latitude and longitude coordinates are expressed, either NAD-27, NAD-83, or not specified.