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FCC Considers 2 GHz AWS Amendments in Open Meeting

Three of the four items listed in the Meeting Agenda for the April 12 Open Commission Meeting cover issues affecting 2 GHz spectrum, with one item affecting services regulated under broadcast rules Part 73 and Part 74. First on the agenda is consideration of a Ninth Report and Order, which establishes procedures for relocating Broadband Radio Service and Fixed Microwave Service operations, including cost sharing obligations in the 2.1 GHz band. The FCC will also address a related petition for reconsideration.

In the second item, the commission will consider an Order on Reconsideration and Fourth Memorandum Opinion and Order addressing spectrum sharing among incumbent and future services in the 2495-2500 MHz band. These proceedings would amend Parts 1, 21, 73, 74 and 101 of the FCC rules. A Third Memorandum Opinion and Order and Second Report and Order concerns changes to Broadband Radio Service and Educational Broadband Service rules. Under consideration is amendment of Parts 21 and 74 to enable MDS and ITFS licensees to engage in fixed two-way transmissions. The 2495-2500 MHz band is part of the grandfathered 2 GHz broadcast auxiliary Channel A10.

The third item involving 2 GHz spectrum is consideration of a Public Notice addressing filing requirements, minimum opening bids and other procedures for Auction 66 of licenses for Advanced Wireless Services. This auction is scheduled for June 29, 2006.

The fourth item could impact tower owners and users. The FCC will consider a Memorandum Opinion and Order addressing a petition filed by Forest Conservation Council, American Bird Conservancy and Friends of the Earth for National Environmental Policy Act Compliance.

The meeting will be available on the Web in Real Audio format. Visit to listen to the meeting, which begins at 9:30 a.m. on April 12.