Eyeheight offers new Playout software

The new Playout Application Suite software is compatible with existing models

With Eyeheight’s new Playout Application Suite software, users can configure and manage its master control switcher, bugEyes logo generator, and SQ-2E image-squeeze processor from a standard PC running Microsoft Windows. Users can also perform a complete system diagnosis on new and existing installations, with automatic repair of any wrongly set parameters. Logging facilities are also incorporated to assist integration with third- party automation systems.

The Playout Application Suite connects via a single RS-232 cable and incorporates an easy-to-use 1024 x 768 pixel GUI. It will be issued on CD with all new Eyeheight playout master control switchers and is compatible with existing models.

The company’s playout master control switcher includes a 1RU base processor and six core modules that address mix/wipe, keyer, audio/voice-over, internal cross-point, logo-store and squeezback applications. These can be configured as an automated A/B mixer or scaled up to a complete multichannel master control system with manual over-ride.

The bugEyes logo generator reduces the complexity and cost of television channel branding. Up to six bugEyes modules can be accommodated in a 1U chassis, enabling a full-scale multichannel system to be created quickly and easily.

The SQ-2E is a dual-input squeezback processor with integrated keying. Designed for picture-in-picture and image-squeeze applications, it can perform real-time horizontal and vertical resizing effects, individually or simultaneously.

For more information, visit www.eyeheight.com.

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