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Eutelsat Exits C-Band Alliance

PARIS—Eutelsat, one of four satellite firms that make up the C-Band Alliance announced today that it is withdrawing from the organization. The C-Band Alliance, which includes remaining members Intelsat, Telesat and SES, advocate a private auction of C-band spectrum for 5G.

The company did not state why it was resigning, only saying that it wished to “take a direct active part in the discussions on C-band clearing and repurposing.”

The remaining members said Eutelsat’s departure won’t change a thing.

“The CBA remains committed to delivering its expeditious, market-based proposal and the departure of Eutelsat does not impact the CBA’s ability to do so,” CBA said in a statement. “The remaining members of the CBA, which represent approximately 95% of the affected revenues of the U.S. C-band market, are aligned and committed to the process of engaging with the FCC on the proposal of rapidly clearing C-band spectrum to support the deployment of 5G services in the U.S.”