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Eutelsat Condemns Jamming of Broadcasts From Iran

PARIS -- Eutelsat Communications last week made a new appeal to international regulatory authorities to intervene and stop repeated jamming of satellite signals from Iran. This new appeal follows “significant deliberate interference from Iran since Oct. 3 of international networks,” including BBC Persian, the Voice of America's Persian service and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Radio Farda, that broadcast via Eutelsat satellites.

The practice of deliberate interference with broadcast signals is a violation of rules of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Today's complaint by Eutelsat officially asks the ANFR, France's national frequency agency, to renew its objection to jamming to the ITU so that it can be addressed as a priority.

This new condemnation and call for action to regulatory authorities follows appeals made by Eutelsat since May 2009 to put an end to unacceptable deliberate jamming of broadcast signals from Iran. It also coincided with a similar call for action from the Broadcast Board of Governors.