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Europe: Civolution, Mikros Take HD 'Watermark' to Next Gen

As digital content becomes more ubiquitous, effective content security becomes more urgent and necessary, and in that regard, Paris-based Mikros Image and Civolution of the Netherlands have begun making available their scheme for video watermarking of HD signals in 4:4:4.

The technical team from Civolution, assisted by Mikros, are releasing the next-gen level of the firms' NexGuard-brand watermarking algorithm and implementation as part of Mikros and Civolution's "digital laboratories and deliverables" product service line. According to Mikros, the HD watermarking availability makes it the first lab in Europe to offer such a service.

Mikros Image said in a statement that in today's "'anytime, anywhere' [digital] delivery and consumption of content, watermarking is becoming an intrinsic part of the content lifecycle."

The HD watermark is disseminated throughout the digital content to serve as a deterrent against illicit redistribution, and to help determine the source of any potential leaks.

Civolution said the watermark, which is designed to be imperceptible to the naked eye, typically is inserted during content duplication processes and can be applied to any tape format up to HDCAM SR.