to launch ESPNMotion for “pushed” online video has launched ESPNMotion, a new online feature that automatically “pushes” video programming and commercials to broadband users of its Web site. The new feature is currently being previewed by ESPN Insider subscribers and will be rolled out to's entire user base in the coming weeks.

After downloading and installing special free software for the user’s PC, ESPN will automatically send video content and commercials to visitors of its site. Fifteen-second ads for SEGA Sports and NFL 2K3 are currently running on the service.

Created through proprietary, patent-pending technology and offered only to PC users with a broadband connection, ESPNMotion will showcase analysis from ESPN reporters, interviews, game highlights, press conferences, and when appropriate, breaking news. After the initial application download, video clips will be pushed daily directly to the user's computer and will play automatically when logging on to

The programming will be updated at least once daily and will appear over the top story box on the home page. Once the clip is complete, the top story will re-appear. Users have the ability to replay or stop each clip on-demand. said it would continue its current offerings of video and audio highlights at various connection speeds.

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