ESPN launches video podcasting

ESPN has joined the ranks of video podcasters. The daily podcast is available via the ESPN PodCenter and the iTunes Store.

Initial video podcasts include a downloadable version of the SportsCenter Minute, the Big Finish from ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption,” the First Word segment from ESPN’s “Around The Horn,” ESPN Digital Media’s “Fantasy Focus” daily original fantasy sports news and analysis program (also available daily on and ESPN Mobile TV) and the “Mike & Mike Moment” from the popular morning radio and TV program.

Each podcast is between two and seven minutes long in MPEG-4 format, and can be watched on personal computers or on portable digital devices.

ESPN said it launched video podcasting after its success with audio podcasts and on-demand digital radio initiatives. Since beginning its first audio podcast in July 2005, the sports network has expanded to produce more than 30 original and edited podcasts that account for more than 4 million downloads each month by more than 1 million unique users on ESPN’s PodCenter and the iTunes Store.

Earlier this year, AndoMedia Web Metrics reported that from Jan. 11 through March 29, the total amount of time sports fans spent listening to ESPN podcasts equaled 24 years, 308 days and 19 hours.

Like its audio counterpart, ESPN video podcasts are ad-supported. Since the launch of audio podcasts, advertising for ESPN audio podcasts has grown by more than 200 percent, driven by sponsorship and advertising.

In addition to the video podcasts, ESPN also offers commercial-free premium downloadable programs and complete recent and classic games via iTunes, including packages of content tied to great college sports rivalries like North Carolina versus Duke basketball and Ohio State versus Michigan football; major sports events like The Rose Bowl; original ESPN events like the X Games; and ESPN Original Entertainment programming like “The World Series of Poker” and “The Contender.”

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