ESPN Engages in Media Transparency Experiment

ESPN will be participating in The Poynter Review Project, an 18-month period of open analysis and review of their content across all platforms.

Working with the Poynter Institute, the project is a step forward in media transparency, with select Poynter faculty openly commenting on their findings of the network’s media efforts. Commentaries will be available on ESPN’s website (opens in new tab) with an introductory column scheduled to appear in March.

In a press release, ESPN Executive Vice President and Executive Editor John A. Walsh welcomed the institute’s scrutiny in the coming months, noting their reputation of journalistic excellence. “We believe The Review will take the traditional ombudsman role and advance it for the 21st century media world,” he said.

Poynter staff contributing to the review include Kelly McBride, a writer, teacher and specialist on media ethics; Regina Combs, former senior producer for multimedia at, a multimedia and mobile teacher at the Institute specializing in digital skills; and Butch Ward, Poynter faculty and managing editor with positions at The Philadelphia Inquirer and Baltimore News-American, a 27-year journalism veteran.

Based St. Petersburg, Fla., the Poynter Institute offers specializes in classes for professional journalism, journalism educators and news media through reporting, writing, editing in and a variety of mediums. Their News University website features interactive modules and other e-learning, with registered users in 225 countries.