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Ericsson Offers Cloud-Based Playout Services

Ericsson has launched a new program playout capability, available as a managed or hosted service that can be delivered from a number of locations worldwide. Broadcasters that opt for managed Next Generation Playout will be able to reduce their operational expenditure by consolidating their operations and focusing on creating more effective workflows and processes.

Ericsson will leverage its numerous globally located playout centers to support the new services. In the case of managed Next Generation Playout, operations are controlled by Ericsson, utilizing the infrastructure of its existing Global Service Centers. For hosted Next Generation Playout, operations are controlled by broadcasters from their own premises using Ericsson-supplied broadcast workstations and web interfaces.

The company's Next Generation Playout service gives broadcasters access to major data centers across the world, with signal distribution through hundreds of co-located carriers, distributors and connectivity providers. Ericsson said this connectivity network, coupled with a software-defined workflow, helps broadcasters to overcome the geographic dependencies that have previously limited playout.

In addition, Next Generation Playout enables faster time to market and a whole new set of over-the-top (OTT) and video on demand (VOD) distribution possibilities, as well as benefits such as increased flexibility, improved service delivery and reduced upfront and operating costs.