Envivio delivers mobile TV headend to Doordarshan

Doordarshan, the national TV service of India, has selected the Envivio mobile TV headend for its new DVB-H-based mobile TV pilot service. As part of pilot, the broadcaster will be testing the reception quality of eight mobile TV channels, with plans to expand to 16 channels later this year.

The Envivio headend has already been installed at Doordarshan. In addition to testing the reception quality of the DVB-H mobile delivery standard, the broadcaster has launched the pilot service to explore the different possibilities for service bouquets, including advertising and interactive services.

The headend, comprising Envivio's 4Caster M2 encoders and 4Manager network management system, supports a wide variety of network standards, including DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T, 3GPP and 3GPP2. The encoders output eight simultaneous profiles from a single video input. In addition, the headend includes a complete network management system with N+M redundancy and Web management, as well as support for the ISMACryp and ISMA wireless standards, providing integration with mainstream mobile ecosystem components.

Doordarshan runs one of the largest free-to-air satellite-based TV services in India. Its analog territory broadcast network covers more than 92 percent of India, providing free news, sports and entertainment.

For more information, visit www.envivio.com.