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Encoda supports open standards Linux in D-series automation

Encoda Systems Automation Division, based in Denver, Colo., will release version 4 of its D-Series automation solution at NAB2004. The new enhancements are based on Linux version 2.6, an integrated open source SQL-compliant database and non-proprietary hardware technology. This will be one of the first applications in any industry to use this technology, Encoda said, which is quickly becoming the choice for enterprise applications.

At NAB, Encoda is also introducing a D-Series system configuration that combines the material database, video server information system, archive interface and file transfer manager on a single platform. Following the general theme of migrating to open standards, the D-Series system server will run on an SQL-compliant open source database application server. This offers a faster approach that is easy to manage.

The new DALingestClient in version 4 will allow faster, more accurate and user friendly capture and tracking of content. The new graphical user interface, designed by direct customer input, presents dub lists and ingest tasks in a highly logical and efficient workflow format.

Existing Encoda D-Series version 3 customers will be able to upgrade to version 4 without replacing their existing hardware, the company said, and version 4 will operate on both the existing Encoda hardware platform as well as the IBM/HP hardware offering.

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