EchoStar assigned 11 DBS channels at 148 and 157 degrees West Longitude

The FCC granted EchoStar eight DBS channels at 148 degrees West Longitude and three channels at 157 degrees. EchoStar is currently using the channels at 148 degrees under Special Temporary Authority. Some of the channels were originally at 175 degrees W.L., but EchoStar convinced the FCC that it would be able to begin service faster at 157 degrees by moving EchoStar 4 to that location. Locating EchoStar 4 at 175 degrees would have required the satellite maintain a large slew angle and thus consume more fuel. Also, customers receiving service from 148 degrees W.L. will be able use the same dish to receive service from 157 degrees but would require an additional dish if the satellite was placed at 175 degrees.

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