Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Publishes New TV White Space Rules

BEAVERTON, ORE.—A new model of rules pertaining to TV White Space technology has been issued by the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, replacing the original published version from 2014. The updated rules are meant to offer higher availability for dynamic spectrum devices and stronger protection for incumbent users, as well as close the digital gap in rural communities, claims DSA.

DSA says it based the new model rules off of regulatory environments used by Ofcom in the U.K. and the FCC in the U.S.; it also incorporated learnings from the operation of TVWS networks, including DSA member Nominet.

Part of the update rules enable flexible network topologies such as mesh networks, TVWS in high-speed, long-distance scenarios, and a streamlined regulatory framework to facilitate market growth. DSA says the rules are put in place to ensure that TVWS users will not cause interference to incumbent users.

“The Alliance has long been championing TVWS technology to connect those in underserved and rural locations, which will in turn help the digital divide,” said Kalpak Gude, president of the DSA.

The new rules are now available and can be found here.