DTV signals available in all top 100 TV markets

The National Association of Broadcasters said that with the addition of 12 new DTV stations as of last week, at least one DTV signal is available in each of the country’s top 100 designated market areas (DMAs) television markets.

CBS affiliate KKTV-DT, in Colorado Springs, Colo. is the first station in market #94, to have a digital signal on the air.

The NAB said that total number of stations broadcasting in digital is now 931, up from 200 DTV stations just 18 months ago.

Other new stations include: WFMJ-DT Youngstown, Ohio (market #100); WITN-DT Washington, N.C. (market #103); KBAK-TV Bakersfield, Calif. (market #130); KXAM-DT Austin, Texas (market #54); WEYI-DT Flint, Mich. (market #64); and PBS members KVIE-DT Sacramento, Calif. (market #19); and WQPT-DT Moline, Ill. (market rank #92).

WJPX-DT, WKPV-DT, WJWN-DT and WNJX-DT, all owned by Lin Television and located in Puerto Rico, are also now on-the-air with a digital signal.

The NAB said DTV signals are now being transmitted in 193 markets that include 98.67 percent of country’s TV households. In addition, 79.66 percent of the more than 106 million U.S. TV households are in markets with five or more broadcasters airing DTV and 50.81 percent are in markets with eight or more broadcasters sending digital signals.

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