DTV Converter Box Coupon Program Officially Ends

The Federal government’s DTV converter box coupon program ended on Monday, Nov. 9, with the NTIA reporting that approximately 35 million of the $40 coupons were redeemed during its 18 month existence.

A total of 64.1 million coupons were mailed and almost 30 million had expired by the time the program ended this week, amounting to approximately $1.2 billion worth of coupons going unredeemed. Total funds available at the end of the program were approximately $455 million, according to the NTIA.

Members of the Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition were the core participants in the NTIA Coupon program. Participation required revising their point of sale sales systems for all products, and meeting strict certification and audit criteria.

“The DTV Transition has been an outstanding success, a true partnership between federal agencies, retailers, product suppliers, broadcasters, and others working together to educate and serve millions of Americans,” stated Chris McLean, Executive Director of CERC. “The fact that the Coupon program ended quietly and with almost no public notice speaks to the hard work and effort so many people poured into the process.”