DTV broadcasting in the Netherlands

An article on reported Digitenne, a consortium comprised of Dutch companies KPN (Telecom), NOB (broadcasting facility), Norzema (transmission operator) and broadcasters began terrestrial digital TV broadcasts in late April using the DVB-T COFDM standard.

The article said a 17cm (approximately 7-inch) high set-top antenna was required along with a digital receiver and a smart card. Receivers from Rebox, Panasonic and Strong en Hauppauge have been certified.

Customers will have to pay a one-time connection charge and a monthly subscription fee that currently gives them access to 25 television channels and 16 radio stations.

For those wondering about the future of terrestrial TV broadcasting in the Netherlands, the article said that 92 percent of Dutch households are connected to cable and 7 percent have a satellite dish. Only one percent use a roof antenna! Digitenne is targeting vacationers (campers, boaters, etc.) and dissatisfied cable subscribers.