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DMC Cloud Playout Enabled by Pebble Beach Systems

WEYBRIDGE, ENGLAND & BROOMFIELD, COLO.—The Digital Media Centre (DMC) in England has taken to the cloud, embracing virtualized playout from the cloud with the help of Pebble Beach System’s Orca virtualized IP system. DMC uses the system to playout 10 channels from Fox, Scripps, AMC, A+E and others.

In replacing its previous SDI infrastructure, DMC was looking for an IP-based system that could run on Commercial off-the-shelf IT hardware. DMC chose to go with Pebble Beach’s Orca integrated channel devices controlled by Marina automation. The Orca is a software-only, virtualized implementation of Pebble’s Dolphin channel-in-a-box integrated device that can run in private or public clouds, with IP inputs and outputs. Orca provides the same functionality in a pure software environment to hardware video servers, graphics, audio processing and subtitling systems.

DMC reports that using the Orca system and a virtualized playout system enables a channel to be launched in 10 minutes. DMC also plans to migrate an additional 24 channels to virtualized playout soon, with all remaining channels expected to migrate throughout the remainder of 2017.