Disney+ Projected to Reach 100M Subscribers by 2025

MIDDLESEX, U.K.—With Disney+ now available, the much anticipated streaming service is expected to receive a lot of interest from subscribers. New projections from Digital TV Research show that by 2025, Disney+ will be the third most popular streaming service across the world, only trailing Netflix and Amazon.

Disney+, with its access to new and archived Disney-owned content that includes “Star Wars,” Marvel and other popular brands, is expected to build up a subscriber base of more than 101 million from its launch to 2025. Of the new streaming services launching—Apple TV+ and HBO Max—that puts it far ahead; Apple TV+ is projected to have 27 million subscribers, and HBO Max comes in at 30 million.

With established services Netflix and Amazon still leading the way (235 million and 135 million, respectively), the total global SVOD subscribers across the top five platforms will hit 529 million in 2025, a growth of 257 million subscribers.

Disney+ and the other new streaming services are grabbing the headlines, but Netflix’s reach will continue to grow over this period, especially beyond the U.S. Netflix’s subscriber base is expected to grow by 70 million by 2025, however only 6 million of those will come from the U.S. Digital TV Research points out that by 2025, only 29% of Netflix subscribers will be in the U.S. In comparison, for a newer service like HBO Max, 80% of its subscribers in 2025 are expected to be in the U.S.

These numbers do not take into account non-paying consumers, which Digital TV Research says could triple the subscriber numbers for the likes of Apple TV+ and HBO Max.

The full “SVOD Platform Forecast” is available on Digital TV Research’s website.