Discovery Channel's 'Planet Earth' Debuts in HD

In what is shaping up to be perhaps the most ambitious HD project of its kind undertaken to date, the Discovery Channel is getting set to premiere an 11-part series about "Planet Earth" that took an estimated 70 camera operators to capture, working at 200 locations in 67 countries, over more than 2,000 days of shooting.

Produced for Discovery by BBC Video, the all-HD production will premiere on Sunday, March 25, and continue on consecutive Sunday evenings through April 22 (Earth Day) on both Discovery HD Theater and the regular main Discovery Channel, according to the company.

Discovery will run two or three episodes each Sunday, depending on the date, and feature a "marathon" of all 11 episodes (along with the final two) on April 22.

Discovery and BBC Video plan to release the series on both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc after the final episodes air, according to a Discovery spokeswoman.