Disc Survey Queries the Already-Converted

According to an ongoing online survey, more than half of those responding to a Web site (that does not promote one format over another) have already made their choice with their wallets between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD format—with the majority giving its nod to Blu-ray.

The survey comes after Warner Bros. (a supporter of both formats until now) announced a month ago it will issue its movie titles in Blu-ray exclusively, starting in June (HD Notebook, Jan. 9, 2008).

The question posed in the unscientific survey in Home Media Magazine: “Will Warner siding with Blu-ray make you convert to high-definition faster?” Posted results (as of Feb. 4):

  • 20.11% - Yes
  • 2.28% - No
  • 53.74% - I have already converted to Blu-ray
  • 13.9% - I converted to HD DVD and will stick it out
  • 9.96% - I had converted to HD DVD, but will convert to Blu-ray