Director Wang shoots feature with Cine Alta HD, Fujinon lenses

North by Northwest Productions provided the camera and glass for “A Thousand Years of Good Prayers.”

North by Northwest (NxNW) Productions in Spokane, WA, provided a Fujinon HAc13x4.5 compact Cine-Style Super Wide-Angle zoom lens and Fujinon HA18x7.6BERM HD ENG/EFP zoom lens to director Wayne Wang for his new feature, “A Thousand Years of Good Prayers.”

Based on the novel by Yiyun Yu, Wang’s motion picture follows a Chinese man who travels to the United States to visit his estranged daughter and develops a friendship with an Iranian woman despite the language barrier.

Wang decided to shoot video, and his Zurich-based cinematographer Patrick Lindenmaier had extensive experience with high definition, according to NxNW CEO Rich Cowan. The pair used the Sony HDW-F900R Cine Alta HD camera and the two Fujinon lenses, which NxNW provided.

An early adopter of the F900R camera, NxNW established a palette of settings for Lindenmaier to employ for the production. Although Fujinon also provided the cinematographer with some prime lenses, the wide-angle zoom worked so well he rarely called for the primes.

Lindenmaier opted to use the HA18x7.6BERM for long-lens applications and for scenes when the main character was wandering around Spokane.

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