Director Wang shoots feature with Cine Alta HD, Fujinon lenses

North by Northwest (NxNW) Productions in Spokane, WA, provided a Fujinon HAc13x4.5 compact Cine-Style Super Wide-Angle zoom lens and Fujinon HA18x7.6BERM HD ENG/EFP zoom lens to director Wayne Wang for his new feature, “A Thousand Years of Good Prayers.”

Based on the novel by Yiyun Yu, Wang’s motion picture follows a Chinese man who travels to the United States to visit his estranged daughter and develops a friendship with an Iranian woman despite the language barrier.

Wang decided to shoot video, and his Zurich-based cinematographer Patrick Lindenmaier had extensive experience with high definition, according to NxNW CEO Rich Cowan. The pair used the Sony HDW-F900R Cine Alta HD camera and the two Fujinon lenses, which NxNW provided.

An early adopter of the F900R camera, NxNW established a palette of settings for Lindenmaier to employ for the production. Although Fujinon also provided the cinematographer with some prime lenses, the wide-angle zoom worked so well he rarely called for the primes.

Lindenmaier opted to use the HA18x7.6BERM for long-lens applications and for scenes when the main character was wandering around Spokane.

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