DigitalGlue Launches Harmonic Upgrade for TMC Design Corp.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIF.— DigitalGlue announced that it has launched another large-scale project for TMC Design Corp. DigitalGlue is working with TMC to upgrade the company’s deployment of Harmonic video encoding, decoding, and multiplexing solutions, enabling a satellite communications installation for the U.S. Army.

Based in Las Cruces, N.M., TMC specializes in RF and microwave systems including antennas for electronic warfare, counter IED, real-time casualty assessment, and communications/telemetry systems, among numerous other military/defense applications.

The new systems from Harmonic being installed at TMC include an Ellipse 3100 contribution encoder with 4:2:2 10-bit compression, a ProStream 9100 high-density, real-time transcoder multiplexer, and a ProView 7100 integrated receiver-decoder. Working in tandem, the three systems create an end-to-end, low-latency video delivery infrastructure for HD quality satellite transmissions. The equipment is expected to go live at TMC by the end of the year.