Digital Alert Systems Partners With Communications Laboratories

Digital Alert Systems (DAS) and its parent company, Monroe Electronics, have announced that the operations have formed a strategic alliance with Communication Laboratories Inc. (Comlabs) to ensure full interoperability of the Comlabs Emergency Management Network satellite messaging system with the DAS and Monroe One-Net emergency alert management products.

DAS and Monroe provide Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) gear for broadcasters and others.

“This alliance represents a paradigm shift in public alert and warning, enabling unified, interoperable EAS communications that will transform EAS capabilities for state and local emergency managers, broadcasters, and cable operators,” said Edward Czarnecki, senior director for strategy, development, and regulatory affairs at Monroe Electronics. “Through our alliance with Comlabs, we're enabling the broadcast and cable communities to achieve compliance with mandated CAP EAS requirements while gaining all the functionality of the EMnet system.”

“Over its long history in this industry, Monroe Electronics has demonstrated integrity, an understanding of the marketplace, and the ability to develop and market advanced solutions with success,” said Roland Lussier, Comlabs CEO. “Our alliance with Monroe Electronics and DAS allows us to combine the power and redundancy of EMnet with the strength and versatility of the DASDEC and One-Net product lines in a seamless end-to-end solution with the most advanced capabilities available. EMnet-equipped DASDEC or One-Net users will be able to take full advantage of EMnet while ensuring both FCC compliance and FEMA compatibility.”