Digg.com Users Swarm Site in Favor of HD DVD Postings

Digg.com, an online "news aggregator" that works without formal editorial supervision, per se, heard from its contributors last week in a very loud online sort of way when they nearly overwhelmed the Web site with postings in support of a code designed to crack the encryption on HD DVD discs.

The barrage of postings was prompted when the site's managers, who at first expunged the codebreaking data from the site over fear of possible legal troubles. Digg.com is a relatively new form of "news service" without formal editors or reporters, and users apparently want to keep it that way, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

Hundreds of "Diggers" mutinied against the site's overseers by continually posting the code in question after each deletion, until it became so technically overwhelming that further protestations by the Web's managers became futile.

Finally, Digg co-founder Kevin Rose, who seemed to be both taken aback, and pleased, that his site's users so dramatically demonstrated their rebellion, posted a note on the site that he would cease attempting to delete the HD DVD code and let the legal chips fall where they may.