Dielectric Building Master Antenna System at 4 Times Square in New York City

As any TV viewer around New York City relying on over-the-air reception knows, since the loss of the World Trade Center many broadcasters in the New York DMA are operating with temporary facilities at the Empire State Building.

Dielectric announced last week that it was awarded the contract for a new master antenna system at 4 Times Square in New York City. Many broadcasters found a home at the Empire State Building after the destruction of the World Trade Center, but the space currently available for antennas is tight. Any work to optimize the existing space will require broadcasters near where the work is being done to shut down to protect workers from excessive RF. The 4 Times Square facility will fill a need for a back up antenna site broadcasters can use for analog and/or digital transmission while work is being done in the extremely cramped spaces on top of the Empire State Building or as a main site for broadcasters unable to find space on Empire

Dielectric was chosen by The Durst Organization to provide antennas and transmission line for the system. The system will consist of three sets of panel antennas designed to operate from channel 7 through channel 61. Dielectric EHTLine transmission line will be used to feed the panels. The line's "Enhanced Heat Transfer" coatings allow the line to carry more power for the same internal temperature rise than conventional rigid line. Two of the line runs will use Dielectric's digiTLine technology to achieve a broadband response.

The planned antenna system will extend over 350 feet above the top of the building, putting the top slightly above 1,100 feet. The FCC Antenna Structure Registration database does not yet show the extension. The current registration lists the top of the current communications tower on top of 4 Times Square at 867 feet. Even with the new tower, the top of the structure will still be about 300 feet lower than the top of the Empire State Building.

For information on 4 Times Square (sorry, no pictures of the planned antenna mast), visit http://www.durst.org/prop/prop_4.htm.