Denver Tower Work Stopped

Denver news Web sites and are reporting Jefferson County District Judge Brooke Jackson has denied a request from broadcasters to lift an injunction stopping work on the 730-foot TV tower on Lookout Mountain. Jefferson County commissioners approved construction of the tower for a second time on August 17, 2004. (See RF Report, August 24, 2004). Judge Jackson issued the injunction to allow opponents a chance to respond to arguments submitted by Lake Cedar Group (TV stations KCNC, KMGH, KUSA and KTVD) shortly before approval of the tower.

According to the Rocky Mountain News article Broadcast tower work on hold--Opponents around Lookout Mountain claim small victory by Charley Able, Judge Jackson's ruling said there was no "competent evidence" to support arguments that the guy wires supporting the tower would not fall on nearby occupied buildings if they failed.

In addition to the Rocky Mountain News article, the Denver Post web site carried a news brief Injunction stands in TV tower dispute. Opponents to the tower include Canyon Area Residents for the Environment - web site - and the city of Golden, Colorado.