Denver DTV Tower Battle Not Over

The Denver Post reported a lawsuit has been filed to block construction of a 730-foot high TV tower on Lookout Mountain in Jefferson County near Denver. The lawsuit was filed by Canyon Area Residents for the Environment (CARE), representing a group of homeowners' associations near the tower site. The Denver Post article by Ann Schrader, Golden joins in suit to block TV tower, said the city of Golden has joined Canyon Area in the lawsuit after citizens attending the Sept. 11 city council meeting asked the council to help them fight the Jefferson County decision allowing rezoning for the tower.

The article said the Jefferson County decision said that legally, the lawsuit was "inconsequential." Construction of the tower is expected to begin in January with completion within a year.

The Canyon Area Residents for the Environment Web site did not have any news on the lawsuit. The News page on the Web site was last updated in June. Another Web site that has had extensive coverage of the tower issue, Colorado City and Mountain Views, has moved the Antenna Tower Struggle story to its archive section. If the lawsuit gains some traction, check these sites for more information.