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Danish Broadcasting purchases Harris automation

Harris will supply Danish Broadcasting Corporation with its H-Class Broadcast Presentation Manager (BPM), a play-out automation application that’s part of the company’s new end-to-end Content Delivery Platform.

Harris is working with German systems integrator BFE (BFE Studio und Medien Systems GmbH) for design, installation and integration of a server-based, network integrated platform for play-out to support radio, Internet, broadcast and television.

The system will be installed in Danish Broadcasting’s new television and radio broadcast center in Ørestad, just south of Copenhagen’s city center. The construction of the new broadcast center is one of the largest single projects undertaken by a Danish national broadcaster in the last 20 years.

Because H-Class is based on open standards and is network-, content- and service-agnostic, content providers can use the entire platform as an end-to-end platform, or deploy separate solutions and applications in order to upgrade their existing infrastructure. In this case Danish Broadcasting decided to purchase the BPM Play-out Automation application and Schedule Manager, a distributed, secure, multi-user configurable tool that enables offline or online editing of play-out schedules.

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