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Dalsa Digital Cinema Adds Fujinon HD Zoom

Dalsa Digital Cinema, a camera rental facility based in Woodland Hills, Calif., has added the Fujinon HAe10x10 HD zoom to its inventory of Fujinon lenses that accompany rentals of SD and HD cameras for TV and film productions.

The HD zoom lens recently was used for shooting “For Heaven’s Sake,” an independent motion picture produced by Olliewood Films, which used the lens on a Sony F900 24p HD camcorder.

The HAe10x10 was also used to shoot episodes of “Noah’s Ark,” a new TV series for Logo, Viacom’s new basic cable network. The series is actually shooting with SD cameras, but the producers are using the HD zoom lens combined with lighting schemes usually used for movies, on the premise that an HD lens will always produce a noticeably better image--regardless of what format is used.

With a 10-100mm focal lens and 10X zoom ratio, the HAe10x10 is designed to provide 2/3-inch CCD HD video cameras with aberration-free images. Fujinon said all its lenses in the “Cine Super E” series have adopted an inner focus and floating method for focus structure to minimize focus-breathing.