CTV Rolls Out Harris NetVX Network for DTV

CTV, the national broadcaster of Taiwan, has purchased 16 NetVX high-speed network systems to support the network's rollout of its DTV broadcasts. The network will use NetVX to receive feeds from either the Chung Hwa telecom fiber network or from CTV's digital microwave system, which will then be used to drive the network's DVB-T transmitters. Also included in the deployment are upgrades to CTV's Harris FlexiCoder DTV encoding systems.

With the ability to establish links with packet-based data networks such as ATM, IP and microwave, NetVX permits broadcasters to move media between various locations in realtime. This capability will help CTV to integrate the monitoring and control of its DVB-T transmitters. At local sites, the Harris NetVX system will be equipped with SD encoders to get the signal in the correct for broadcast.