Crystal Vision unveils six HD distribution amplifiers

Crystal Vision has introduced six manually controlled multi-standard distribution amplifiers for HD, SDI or ASI signals.

The HDDA105C, HDDA105N and HDDA105NA modules have five outputs, while the HDDA111C, HDDA111N and HDDA111NA modules offer 11.

The reclocking DAs (the HDDA105C and HDDA111C) were designed to offer better jitter performance with long cable inputs and to automatically detect the incoming signal. The more cost-effective non-reclocking versions are better suited for applications where the input signal is coming from equipment located a short distance away.

Of the non-reclocking DAs, the HDDA105N and HDDA111N are suitable for HD or SDI, while the HDDA105NA and HDDA111NA are compatible with DVB-ASI.

The boards can distribute both 270Mb SD and the most commonly used HD formats defined by SMPTE 292. With HD cable equalization of up to 140m using Belden 1694A, they can handle all data rates up to 1.485Gb and meet the -15dB input return loss that must be achieved for HD.

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