Crispin: A Modular Approach

The primary function of television automation is the execution of schedules, especially the on-air schedule, lists for automatic recording of satellite feeds, and newsroom rundowns. In order to deliver the assigned materials to air without interruption, these tasks must be accomplished with precision.

At Crispin, we take a modular approach by providing software applications that perform specific functions within the system. We first define the overall system by identifying each of the various tasks or processes that make up a facility's operation, then provide software modules to assist facility personnel in operating their plant. The net result is a more comprehensive, totally integrated, reliable, "mission critical" solution.

In order to achieve our goal, we must ensure that our automation system not only performs reliably, but also is very simple and logical to operate. Crispin has placed nearly 300 systems throughout Canada, Mexico, South America, and the U.S. in the past five years. This has been done with minimal on-site support and a customer service department that's a fraction of the size of many of our competitors. We have been able to achieve this by first clearly understanding the customer's requirements, then providing a software solution that is well-documented and logical to operate.

By having a clearly defined, modular approach, Crispin provides total solutions for each requirement÷from the entry level system, running basic modules directly on the video server, to complete multichannel facility automation requiring unattended satellite record and advanced archiving of assets. We have a MOS protocol newsroom interface, multichannel centralization architecture, and even a VideoKiosk application, which can provide direct interaction with the audience.

Our philosophy is not to change or customize each station, but to provide each customer with the means to configure the system to his or her specific requirements. Our software is simple to operate without giving up important features and benefits.

The modular approach makes field upgrades simple and trouble free. A major benefit is the ease of upgrading and expanding the system. The system can be expanded without interruption to the daily operation.

Our approach to facility automation design recognizes that equipment will fail. Layers of redundancy are built into the system and configured for each facility.

We even offer the option of operating our systems with or without a common database. The AssetBase2000 database may be taken out of service and realtime event control will continue. The system has extensive logging throughout, enabling customer service engineers to re-create and resolve reported anomalies quickly.

The combined effect of increasing competition, commoditization, product obsolescence, and faster access to information drives prices downward. Crispin offers a greater range of scalability, more performance, and greater reliability by staying focused on keeping your system simple, straightforward, and functional.