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Correction: WFUT-DT STA Location -- Update on 4 Times Square

Last week I reported on the FCC granting extensions of DTV construction permit deadlines to several stations. I wrote, " WFUT-DT, Newark New Jersey, has obtained an STA to operate from [an] alternative site and working to install equipment there." This information was taken directly from the FCC Order referenced in the article. It appears, however, that some may have interpreted this statement to mean WFUT was still looking for an alternative site for its DTV and was not on the air. That is not the case. I received an e-mail from John Lyons noting that WFUT-DT channel 53 has been operating on the master antenna system at 4 Times Square for the last two months and prior to that had been operating at low power from the same location since May 1, 2003. He also mentioned that WABC's channel 7 auxiliary transmitter was due in last week and that WABC will be setting up a full power DTV facility at 4 Times Square.