Copps: Get Ready for Reforms at FCC

Michael Copps says industry groups that will be affected by FCC reforms should be ready to negotiate.

The acting chairman will appear on C-SPAN program "The Communicators" this weekend and, according to a report by Dow Jones News Service, the Democratic commissioner hopes the telecommunications industry will cooperate as the FCC embarks on a "period of reform."

Broadcast reform proposals already on the table or being bandied about include a shorter licensing term and updated public interest obligations for radio and TV broadcasters.

"I do think we went through excessive years of mindless deregulation," Copps said, according to the Dow Jones report. But with a new administration and new commissioners, he believes the commission will move away from that mindset.

Regarding industry cooperation, Copps is quoted saying: "I think if I was out there and I realized that we were in a period where change is possible, where things are coming our way, I think I would opt to be part of the dialogue. I would go down to the FCC and start talking about how we can come together and reason together."