Consumers Prefer Remote Help for Cable Issues Amid COVID-19

(Image credit: iStock)

TEL AVIV, Israel—A new report from TechSee shows how consumers are being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic when it comes to getting service for utilities like cable. Health concerns, as well as overall convenience, have more people preferring remote service options (61%) over having technicians come to their homes to fix an issue.

These findings are based on a 1,000-person consumer poll that aimed to see how attitudes have changed to customer service practices during the COVID-19 outbreak.

TechSee found that 75% of consumers do not want technicians in or around their homes at this time, and 60% said that they would consider cancelling a contract with a provider if technicians did not follow safety measures like wearing personal protective equipment or sanitation. Still, 57% of consumers expect providers to resolve service and equipment issues as quickly and effectively as before the pandemic.

The 61% of people who say they now prefer remote assistance point to the ability to troubleshoot or resolve issues on their own—with the option of a remote technician—while others utilize visual support solutions.

“A shift away from costly and time-consuming technician dispatches was always inevitable,” said Eitan Cohen, CEO of TechSee. “Consumers have long preferred the ease and convenience of visual assistance. But now we see that shift rapidly accelerating due to the current circumstances.”

Additional findings included that 20% of consumers would refuse a technician dispatch regardless of safety procedures. In the event that a technician must be sent: 68% expect a shorter-than-normal visit; 80% expect the proper PPE to be worn; 59% expect tools and vehicles to be sanitized; and 75% expect technicians to abide by social distancing guidelines.

TechSee also shared that the cable industry (as well as other telecom areas) is expected to see a loss in revenue this year of 3.4%, which would equate to $40 billion.

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