Connected TV Devices in 80% of U.S. TV Homes

(Image credit: Roku)

DURHAM, N.H.—The last decade has seen a substantial increase of connected TV devices in U.S. homes, as Leichtman Research Group has shared new consumer research that 80% of U.S. TV households have at least one internet-connected TV device, up from 24% in 2010.

LRG identifies connected TV devices as smart TVs, stand-alone streaming devices, connected video game systems and/or connected Blu-ray players. The 80% mark is up from 74% in 2018.

As far as viewing habits surrounding connected TV devices, 40% of adults in U.S. TV households watch video on a TV via a connected device daily. That is compared to 29% in 2018, 12% in 2015 and 1% in 2010. Age range does impact use of connected TV devices—18% of adults 55 and older watch connected TV devices daily; that stat is 48% for those 35-54 and 55% for 18-34 year olds.

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Additional findings from LRG include that of those with connected TV devices, 64% have three or more, with an average of 4.1 devices per household. Breaking it down be device, 58% of homes have at least one connected TV, while 56% have at least one stand-alone streaming device.

LRG says that there are now nearly 400 million connected TV devices in U.S. TV households, up from 250 million in 2016.

The full “Connected and 4K TVs 2020” study is available on LRG’s website.