Competition grows between 3-D technologies, says NDP DisplaySearch

Competition between the main two 3-D technologies is growing as 3-D TVs slowly become more popular with the public, according to a new report from NPD DisplaySearch.

The report, “Quarterly Display Optical Film Report,” finds that film-type patterned retarder is catching up to the more established shutter glass approach. Demand for 3-D patterned retarder (3D PR) film is forecast to have grown 104 percent year over year from fourth quarter of 2012, reaching 34 million units in 2013.

“Despite the fact that 3-D TV has not grown as fast as many in the industry expected, the penetration rate is still growing steadily. Nearly 30 percent of LCD TV panels shipped in 2013 will be 3D-capable,” said Yoonsung Chung, director of Large-Area Displays and FPD Materials Research for NPD DisplaySearch. “3-D PR film reportedly minimizes eye fatigue, and demand for 3-D PR is growing at a much faster pace. It is forecast to account for 48 percent of total 3-D TV panel shipments in 2013, up from 39 percent in 2011.”

LG Chemical has led in 3-D PR film shipments for nine consecutive quarters, accounting for 96 percent of global shipments in the third quarter of 2012. LG Display was the dominant producer of 3-D PR panels for TVs and the only supplier of 3-D PR monitor and notebook panels in 2012.